Solar Products

With the spread of environment consciousness among the world population, people are showing concern for the nature and trying to adopt the renewable sources of energy. The solar products are being offered to the clients. There are numerous advantages of using the products which work on solar energy. No greenhouse gases are produced, and pollution is also minimized. The installation of these products is also easy. The maintenance of them is also not complicated. Wherever there is incessant exposure to sunlight, the solar products run smoothly. These devices do not get easily affected with technical damages.

VINSPIRE YELLOW Solar Insect Killer

  • Power:12 Volt (v)
  • Color:Yellow
  • Max Voltage:12 Volt (V)
  • Supply Ability:100 Per Month
Price: 3200 INR/Piece

Solar Insects Killer Light Traps

  • Supply Ability:100 Per Month
  • Product Type:solar power, Other
  • Weight:7 Kilograms (kg)
  • Color:Yellow
Price: 3500 INR/Piece

Ms Blue Agriculture Solar Zatka Machine

  • Supply Ability:100 Per Month
Price: 6000 INR/Piece

Solar Insect Light Trapper

  • Supply Ability:100 Per Day
Price: 2800 INR/Piece

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